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A beautiful landscape can only be achieved by maintaining the health and vigor of the plants and trees that live there.  Atlas Tree Service, Inc. works with you to develop a Managed Plant Care Program.   It is a refreshing new concept in the professional tree care industry.  By combining this unique holistic approach to plant and tree care with the most technologically and environmentally advanced methods, we are able to focus on the plants' individual and seasonal needs to promote health and vigor.

Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Provides a thorough inspection of the plants and trees that inhabit your property. 
  • Evaluates the current condition of all the trees and plants. 
  • Informs you of any existing or potential concerns, and advises you of all available treatment options.   

Systemic Injection

Insects and disease can pose a serious threat to your landscape.  While fertilization strengthens the immune system of your plants and helps them withstand the damaging effects of pests and disease, it will not eliminate them.  Your Managed Tree Care Program includes systemic injections tailored to the specific tree involved and the specific pest or disease being targeted, and applied at the proper time of year for optimum effectiveness for long lasting pest and disease management.  Research has shown that the injection method, applied like your annual flu shot, is the best, most effective application of pest control, with virtually no effect on the surrounding environment.

Systemic insecticides injected into tree trunks work by being absorbed into and circulating throughout  the tree's vascular system and eliminating pests and disease from the inside out.  This type of product works for a wide variety of pests, including borers, aphids, leaf miners, whiteflies, thrips, and soft-scale insects, as well as fungal diseases. The best time to have your trees injected depends upon the type of tree and the reason for the treatment - one of our trained pest control technicians can advise your the proper time to have our trees injected.

Sub-Surface Fertilization

Good soil condition consists of loose, friable soil with good drainage, which allows for easy uptake of water and nutrients, and access to soil-borne oxygen.  By examining your soil, we can determine composition, moisture content, and needed nutrients.

All our fertilizer solutions are custom-mixed with your trees' needs, time of year, and soil condition in mind, and include immediate and timed-release nutrients, plus micronutrients and beneficial mycorrhizae. To loosen compacted adobe-clay soils common to the greater Bay Area, all our fertilizer solutions contain a product specifically designed to loosen compaction and make nutrients, water, and oxygen more accessible to your trees and shrubs.

The fertilizer solution is then injected under pressure into the soil around the dripline of the tree-shrub (where the most vigorous feeder roots live) with a steel probe, taking care not to damage larger, established roots.

Ornamental Spraying

Sometimes the plant's life is at stake, and in these instances controlled spraying is the preferred method of treatment. A spray application can provide immediate relief from insect infestation, fungus, or disease.  Used in combination with subsurface fertilization and systemic injection, spraying gives your tree the best opportunity to return to a healthy condition.  Spraying can also be used to control the production of flowers and fruit.  This is particularly useful if your trees attract unwanted rodents, or create unsightly messes, as with olive trees or liquidambars.

Scheduled Maintenance and Monitoring

Regular treatments and frequent monitoring are the keys to sustained good health of your plants and trees.  At your request, our professionally trained technicians will visit your property to assess the status of your trees and plants.  This helps to ensure early detection of any problem and allows us to adjust treatment and formulas as needed.  We send a report that details the service performed, and any conditions and changes of which you may need to be aware.

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