Outdoor Pest Control

Atlas Pest Control, Inc., has served the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1962. Atlas is dedicated to the health and maintenance of your trees and landscape. Our protocols for the treatment of nuisance pest, fungus, and disease problems have changed as the industry has grown and taken advantage of the newest and most environmentally friendly technologies. Our technicians are all qualified pesticide applicators, and are required to continually upgrade their training in order to provide the most technologically advanced and up-to-date service to maintain your trees, shrubs, and landscape in healthy and beautiful condition.
Springtime Spraying of Azalea Bushes — Landscaping in Southern, CA
  • Pest control & disease treatment/prevention on all types of trees and shrubs
  • Exterior pest control spraying including fleas & ticks
  • Tree, lawn, flower and shrub spraying (pests and fungus)
  • Dormant/over-winter treatments (fruit trees)
  • Green treatments: systemics, injectibles and topical applications of pesticides and fungicides
  • Foliar & deep-root ("soil injection") fertilizations
  • Nutritional Maintenance Program
  • Nuisance fruit control (fruit, olive, liquidambar & other trees)
  • Ant bait stations
  • Varmints: gopher/vole/mole control
  • Rodent control (exterior baiting)
  • Non-structural wasp/hornet/yellow jacket eradication/abatement